Note: SHE and YES! have recently merged. SHE is now part of YES!, and the YES! SIG will be the place for both those interested in storytelling for youth and those interested in storytelling in a higher education setting. The resources available here will be moved to the YES! website in the near future.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of Storytelling in Higher Education is to encourage cooperation, networking, and support among college and university educators in storytelling and those with an interest in storytelling’s success in higher education.

SHE has focused on Global Storytelling for the past five years. During that time we have sponsored a number of workshops at the National Storytelling Festival and Florida Storycamp, a course through East Tennessee State University, a pre-conference at the National Storytelling Network 2012 conference co-sponsored with Youth, Education, and Storytelling!, and a special edition of Storytelling, Self, Society.

The evolution of our understanding of the definition of global storytelling is reflected in the quotation below. Taken from Storytelling, Self, Society call for papers:

In an age of transmigration and border-crossings, many academics and storytelling professionals have designed storytelling-exchanges as a way to broaden and deepen our participation in a global community.

‘Global Storytelling’ has emerged as a term to identify individuals and projects that engage the act of storytelling to create culturally responsible interaction across borders.

Border-crossing involves vulnerability, trust, mutual listening, bodily investment, an ethical imperative of respect, and a desire to learn–all of which are inherent to storytelling.

SHE Historic Information

The information below has been compiled from the various webpages that were contained within the SHE website and have been retained for historical purposes.



Article 1: Name and Purpose


Section 1. The name of this organization shall be STORYTELLING IN HIGHER

Section 2. The purpose of STORYTELLING IN HIGHER EDUCATION is to encourage cooperation, networking and support among college and university educators in storytelling and those with an interest in storytelling’s success in higher education.

Section 3. STORYTELLING IN HIGHER EDUCATION is a recognized group of the National Storytelling Network (NSN) members and adheres to the NSN bylaws, policies, and procedures.

Article 2: Membership


Section 1. STORYTELLING IN HIGHER EDUCATION is open to those individuals who have a personal membership in the NSN. Persons who are not members of SHE may attend meetings of the special interest group, but may not vote.

Section 2. An annual due for membership in STORYTELLING IN HIGHER EDUCATION is $35.00. These dues include a prescription to the journal of Storytelling in Higher Education. (The Executive Board of SHE may change its dues by a two-­thirds vote of its membership to any amount not less than the minimum dues currently in effect. Dues may be changed only once a year, however, effective November 1, provided notice of the dues change has been given to NSN no later than October 1.)

Section 3. STORYTELLING IN HIGHER EDUCATION must maintain at least 30 members. If SHE fails to maintain at least 30 members for two consecutive years, SHE will disband.

Article 3. Executive Board


Section 1. STORYTELLING IN HIGHER EDUCATION is governed by an Executive Board and will consist of seven officers elected by the SHE membership for terms of various lengths (see Article 4) which commence on November 1. One of the officers of the Executive Board must be designated as the person whom the NSN Board may contact for any communications regarding SHE. A majority shall constitute a quorum of the SHE Executive Board.

Section 2. It is the responsibility of the Executive Board to plan and coordinate all programs sponsored by STORYTELLING IN HIGHER EDUCATION, and to prepare and submit to the NSN Board by November 1 of each year an annual budget and an annual report, detailing the group’s activities. If the special interest group fails to submit an annual report or an annual budget, the special interest group will disband. Copies of the annual report and annual budget shall be available upon request to members of the special interest group.

Article 4: Officers

Section 1. The officers of the Executive Board will consist of a Chair, a Vice­Chair, an Immediate Past Chair, a Secretary, a Webmaster, a Membership Chair, and an Outreach Coordinator. The Executive Board is elected by the STORYTELLING IN HIGHER EDUCATION membership. The Vice­Chair is elected to serve for two years and then proceeds to move into the Chair, and Immediate Past Chair positions. Therefore, an individual elected as Vice­Chair serves on the SHE Executive Board for a total of six years. All other officers are elected to serve terms of three years. Terms may be extended by re­election or special appointment.

Section 2. The Chair shall preside at all meetings. The Chair together with the Vice­Chair shall plan and coordinate all programs sponsored by STORYTELLING IN HIGHER EDUCATION. The Chair prepares and submits an annual report to NSN that includes the budget. The SHE Executive Board must approve the annual report and budget prior to its submission to NSN. The Chair is designated as the person whom the NSN Board may contact for any communications regarding the special interest group.

Section 3. The Vice­Chair shall preside at meetings in the absence of the Chair. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Chair, the Vice­Chair will assume the office. The Vice-
Chair along with the Chair shall plan and coordinate all programs sponsored by STORYTELLING IN HIGHER EDUCATION. The Vice-
Chair submits copy for publication in Storytelling Magazine or other NSN or NSN­related publications.

Section 4. The Immediate Past Chair shall serve as mentor and advisor to the other officers on the STORYTELLING IN HIGHER EDUCATION Executive Board and assist in all matters concerned with the operation of the SHE.

Section 5. The Secretary shall serve as recorder of STORYTELLING IN HIGHER EDUCATION, communications officer to the SHE membership, and SHE archivist by preserving complete files of the proceedings of all meetings and maintaining the archives of this special interest group.

Section 6. The Webmaster shall serve as the coordinator for the content and maintenance of the STORYTELLING IN HIGHER EDUCATION website.

Section 7. The Membership Chair is responsible for communicating with the membership and working with the rest of the executive board to respond to the needs of the membership. In addition, the Membership Chair is responsible for providing the journal editor with an updated membership list before the publication of each issue of the journal.

Section 8. The Outreach Coordinator assumes leadership in contacting appropriate related organizations and individuals to develop membership and support for STORYTELLING IN HIGHER EDUCATION.

Section 9. If at any time an officer position on the Executive Board becomes vacant in midterm, then the Executive Board may appoint an individual to complete that term or call for a special election.

Article 5: Meetings


Section 1. STORYTELLING IN HIGHER EDUCATION will conduct at least one meeting of members every calendar year either in person or electronically. If SHE fails to have an annual meeting for two consecutive calendar years, the special interest group will disband.

Section 2. Election of officers will take place at the annual meeting. If the meeting is electronic, the slate of officers will be sent to the members at least 30 days before the meeting.

Section 3. STORYTELLING IN HIGHER EDUCATION may request space at the annual conference for a meeting. Such space requests are due when conference proposals are due. Special interest groups may request space at the National Storytelling Festival or at any other NSN functions. Deadlines and criteria for such requests will be established by the NSN Board.

Article 6: Contracts, Loans, and Checks


Section 1. Unless authorized by the Board of Directors or Executive Board of the NSN no special interest member shall enter into any contract or loan, or execute and deliver any instrument in the name of or on behalf of the special interest group or the NSN or in any manner bind or obligate the special interest group or the NSN.

Article 7: Amendments


Section 1. These By­Laws may be amended at any meeting of the special interest group by a two-­thirds vote of the special interest group’s members present providing that written or printed notice of the proposed amendment(s) be announced to the members by the Chair at least 30 days previously. In accordance with NSN policy these By­Laws also may be amended by mail or email with an affirmative vote of two thirds of the special interest group’s responding members. The closing time must be stated clearly on the ballots and the ballots must be mailed to special interest group members at least 30 days before such closing time.

Article 8: Status of Members and Officers


Section 1. No member or officer of the special interest group shall be or be deemed to be an officer, employee, or agent of NSN unless specifically so appointed by the Board of Directors of NSN.