NSN 2019 National Storytelling Summit Call for Presentations

The 2019 National Storytelling Summit Planning Committee invites you to submit proposals for consideration for the National Storytelling Network 2019 National Storytelling Summit. Please read the information below before proceeding to the proposal submission form. If you have any questions, please contact the NSN staff at events@storynet.org.

Theme for the Summit: Story Now!

Stories are powerful. Stories are persuasive. Stories, well told, can move people and change how they act, and how they think and feel about themselves and the world. Stories are now!

Now! From the boardroom to the classroom, and the page to the stage, personal stories and folktales are catalysts for change in nearly every aspect of our lives.

Now! We are witnessing the power of stories to tear down the walls that divide us, build bridges between people and cultures, and connect us, human-to-human.

Now! We invite you to join with other practitioners of this foundational art and share your expertise at the National Storytelling Summit – the premier annual gathering of the keenest minds in the world of storytelling. We are seeking proposals for presentations and workshops to:

  • Help tellers improve their artistic abilities, craft quality stories, and share them effectively;
  • Demonstrate effective ways to apply storytelling in fields such as healthcare, education, writing, technology, businesses, community development, etc;
  • Provide business/career advice for storytellers;
  • Share effective models to build bridges or create change through storytelling;
  • Showcase the intersections of storytelling with media and/or other art forms; and
  • Stretch the limits of storytelling, forecast new and exciting ways to use storytelling, or access new audiences.

Every story enthusiast is welcome! We need your expertise now!


Submission Instructions:

  1. Preference will be given to proposals offering fresh ideas/approaches to new programming material, practical skills to upgrade performance techniques or introduction to storytelling in technology or digital formats. We are also looking for sessions that will appeal to Storytellers through professional development.  We seek workshops that will appeal to new audiences who may not necessarily call themselves “storytellers” but who use storytelling in their professions and organizations.
  2. Preference will be given to programming proposals that address one of the following topics:
    • Storytelling in Education
    • Storytelling in Social Justice
    • Storytelling in Organizations/Businesses
    • Storytelling in Communities
    • Family/Kitchen style Storytelling
    • The Business of Storytelling (marketing, website, etc.)
    • Developing Storytelling Skills (novices)
    • Advanced Storytelling Skills
    • Producing Storytelling events
  3. Those who are submitting under Workshop Category – Professional & Career or Performance/Delivery Development can opt out of following the Summit theme.
  4. Summit survey results indicate that attendees prefer informative sessions with handouts and that are interactive, learning-based sessions. Therefore, proposals for sessions that include these elements will take precedence over more traditional lecture-style or mostly performance sessions. The selection committee suggests that any lecture-storytelling model portions be limited to no more than 25% of the session.
  5. The committee will be looking for innovative approaches to addressing Storytelling and all of its formats. That can include oral, written, and/or digital formats.

Who May Apply: We welcome proposal submissions from anyone. Presenters are not required to be members of NSN, but preference will be given to members since 80% of sessions must be presented by NSN members.

Session Formats: Workshops, Panels, Intensives, Classes

Proposal Evaluation: Proposals will be evaluated for: quality of program, relevance to Summit theme, clarity of intent, practicality of process, expertise of presenter in this topic, diversity of presentations compared to past and current offerings, interest to attracting new attendees as well as general membership, and focus on applications of storytelling.

Time Frame: Proposals will be accepted from September 25 thru November 19, 2018

Presenter Compensation: Each 90 minute presentation selected is eligible to receive a $100.00 discount on the required Summit registration. A three hour session is eligible for a $200.00 discount on the required Summit registration.

Notification: All applicants will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of their proposal by e-mail sent on or before April 1, 2018.

Acceptance: All applicants receiving notification of acceptance must confirm their acceptance and return their signed contract by email. Announcements to the public will be made the third week of April 2018 in the e-newsletter. We ask that presenters please not share they were selected until the official NSN announcement is made.


If you’d like to download and print these guidelines before you begin your submission, please click the button below.

The Call for Proposals is open until November 19, 2018. Click the button below for the application to submit your proposal.

If you have any questions, please contact the NSN office at events@storynet.org or 1-800-525-4514.