Master classes are 4 hours of intensive learning with an expert on the topic and a limited class size for maximum learning opportunity.

Please continue to check back for the most current information on these workshops!


Master Class #1

with Alton Takiyama-Chung

Are you afraid of the dark? Do you want to learn how to make things go bump in the night? In this workshop, we will explore what makes a good ghost story. What are the elements of terror? Participants will learn the differences between telling scary stories to little kids, young children, teens, and adults. We will talk about story structure with regards to jump tales, audience participation, the building of suspense, the use of humor to allow the audience to breathe to increase the terror. Participants are encouraged to bring a short spooky story (7-10 minutes) or part of a story upon which they would like to work and receive feedback notes. A few will be able to tell their story before the entire group.

Master Class #2

with Antonio Rocha

Transitions – the moments in a story where we shift between one thought and the next – are hidden gems tucked away in a story well-told. Whether you’re your family’s unofficial historian or a professional teller, learning to master these moments will give your stories extra polish and finesse. This workshop will teach you how to identify and develop the transitions within your stories by practicing techniques with voice and body language.

Master Class #3

with Milbre Burch

This four (4) hour, hands-on workshop will include demonstration, journaling, practical exercises, deep listening, and in-depth discussion to inform your storytelling. The best personal story is authentic, vulnerable and honest. Fairy tales use metaphor to teach us how to be human in an unfamiliar landscape. We will bridge these two genres of storytelling, making each more powerful. To go on this journey, come ready to tell or read aloud a 10-minute folk or fairy tale (or excerpt), and a related 5-minute personal story to a partner. Also bring journaling materials for reflection during the workshop.

Master Class #4

with Carol Birch

Folktales OUT LOUD: A Place to Begin

Folktales carry vital strains of cultural DNA forward, as they pulse with the wit and wisdom of the ages; they’re also the bread and butter of working storytellers, librarians, and teachers. Where does a beginner find great versions of folktales? When can we lift them off the page? How can we infuse a story with an eager zest that speaks to modern audiences? This master class will focus on how to make oral language within different folkloric approaches. There will be guided imagery exercises, and interactive storytelling strategies. Bring a story you want to work/play with. Our focus will be on amplifying your voice to energize a story not necessarily change it. The goal is to bring character and setting into sharper focus, so that evidence of “technique” vanishes in the stories you tell.