Welcome! We’re excited that you have an interest in producing a TELLABRATION!™ event!

You’ve joined a group that started in 1987 when a Connecticut yarn spinner, J. G. Pinkerton, launched his vision of a night of storytelling for adults.

Since then TELLABRATION!™ sites have joined hands around the world. For example, just a dozen years after its start in 1999, 333 sites, 400 producers, and 6700 production staffers spun stories to a combined audience of over 34,000.

TELLABRATION!™ has expanded to include a weekend of storytelling that builds appreciation and advocacy for the art form at storytelling centers, colleges and universities, schools, museums, libraries, performing arts centers, elder hostels, and even on trains and planes! It’s not only a great way to celebrate storytelling, but an important opportunity to reach out to all those story enthusiasts who are not yet NSN members.

There are a few, simple requirements that will help make your TELLABRATION!™ more effective for NSN:

  • List your event on NSN’s calendar of events, so more people can find your event.
  • Always use TELLABRATION!™ with the trademark designation.
  • All digital and printed material should contain the NSN logo, which you can get from our office, along with the phrase “TELLABRATION!™ is a trademark of the National Storytelling Network.”
  • Read the TELLABRATION!™ proclamation at your event (available online and in the TELLABRATION™ Promo Kit).
  • Be sure to put out NSN information at the event, including NSN membership applications (available from the NSN website, our office, or your NSN state liaison).
  • Collect contact information from all of your attendees and share it with the office so we can help keep your community informed about upcoming events in the storytelling community! If you use our NSN event page at EventBrite for tickets, NSN will collect that information automatically. If you use a sign-up sheet at the event, we ask that you share that contact information with us.

Our TELLABRATION!™ Promo Kit and Event Guidebook, which includes logos, are free. The Promo Kit includes the following:



Revised in October 2017, the TELLABRATION!™ Guidebook has proven to be a “must-have” for first time producers, in addition to being an “old standby” for the experienced producer. The Guidebook is a step-by-step guide offering tips ranging from developing a production staff to advertising your event. You will also find valuable information on selecting your site location and promoting ticket sales. The contents of the Guidebook will definitely take the guesswork out of being a producer.



TELLABRATION!™ Event Guidebook

The TELLABRATION!™ Promo Kit is packed with all the materials you will need to promote your TELLABRATION!™ event. Because the contents of the Promo Kit are dated, you will need to acquire a new Promo Kit each year. This kit consists of TELLABRATION!™ logo letterhead, tickets, invitations, and pre-printed programs just to name a few items. You will also find samples of various letters including press releases. You will definitely want to use the flyers for distribution in your community. The Promo Kit is absolutely a lifesaver for promoting your TELLABRATION!™ event.



TELLABRATION!™ Proclamation

The TELLABRATION!™ Proclamation provides the opportunity for producers to create a moment for unifying in spirit all the TELLABRATION!™ locations, making each audience aware of the united effort to further the cause of storytelling. Many TELLABRATION!™ locations choose to read the Proclamation at the beginning of their TELLABRATION!™ events.




The TELLABRATION!™ logo was revised in October 2017 and will be updated each year in the future. It must be requested from the NSN office. Providing an updated logo each year will keep the logo fresh and has the added bonus of providing TELLABRATION!™ sites who enjoy showing their years of participation in TELLABRATION!™ events the option of presenting a chronological visualization of their participation as an alternative to a text list.

The NSN office will provide you the Promo Kit electronically. If your group is an NSN affiliate member, we offer two seventy-five word announcements in our newsletter for any event, including TELLABRATION!™. Click below to request your copy of the TELLABRATION!™ Promo Kit.

Request Promo Kit


If you have questions, please contact NSN at events@storynet.org or 1-800-525-4514.