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We hope this page may be a helpful resource as an attendee, tech volunteer, or program presenter/performer. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Erin at

Note: NSN asks that all presenters and performers attend a training with OpenWater so they can become familiar with the platform. OpenWater training is done via their “office hours” which are Tuesdays at 4:00 PM ET at The training is free but you must register in advance on the previously listed website. You’re welcome to attend as many of the OpenWater trainings as you’d like but it is very important for every presenter and performer to attend at least one training before the beginning of the conference.

Sign up for free speaker or tech training during OpenWater office hours:

In-Room Technician (Tech Only): Mondays at 3PM Central

Training for technicians on how to use the Zoom Dashboard to hop from meeting room to meeting room to help out during a live event.

  • Pre-recorded video playback
  • Managing Wait Room
  • Configuring Polls
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Use of Zoom Dashboard

Speakers & Moderators: Tuesdays at 3PM Central

General Zoom Training for Your Conference Speakers and Moderators

  • Share Screen
  • Setup Virtual Background
  • Camera Views
  • Mute / Unmute
  • Polls

Recommendations for Pre-Recorded Video Playback

Written by Kunal Johar
Updated over a week ago

Playback of Pre-Recorded videos must be practiced by the person who will be responsible for playback.

Playback quality of video depends on:

  • The recording quality of the initial video
  • The person’s computer power who plays it back (special Graphics Card recommended)
  • The person’s Internet connection who plays it back (wired connection with 10 Mbps upstream recommended)

Zoom Meeting and Webinar both scale content down to 320p – 720p, so we do not recommend having Full HD played back.

There are also settings in zoom to Optimize Video for Full Screen Sharing. This setting is great for Full Motion video but makes PowerPoint text often illegible.

Testing Your Play Back

  • Start Zoom (you can use your own free account, the OpenWater Zoom Integration is not required for this test)
  • Click on the Record feature to start local recording
  • Click Share Screen, chose the video to play back and remember to Share Sound
  • Play the video for 20 seconds.
  • Stop Sharing, and share again, this time choose to Optimize Video for Full Screen Sharing.
  • Play again
  • Stop Zoom
  • Watch your recording and decide which quality is best (this step ensures your computer is powerful enough for playback and helps you determine quality)
  • Repeat above steps, but invite a few colleagues to watch your test (this ensures your internet connection is stable)
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