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On the importance of storytelling in medicine

Stanford Medicine  April 20, 2017 Summary Data Needs Narrative: Communicating Science to the Public Science is complex. And like many professionals in fields with their own terms unknown to the general public, medical researchers often have difficulty explaining their research to the public. However, stories can animate data. Dhruv Khullar, a resident in internal medicine…

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Once Upon a Time

By William Noonan Ph.D. Once upon a time, an evil sorcerer stole a magic crystal orb, a troll-like imp turned himself into a poisonous fruit tree, and a giant abducted a princess and hid her in his Castle of No Return. These are images from folk tales that you would expect to find in Grimm’s…

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Once Upon a Time There was a Sickness

ABC Online (Australia), April 17, 2008 Summary: Humans are natural storytellers. We’ve been doing it for 30,000 years. But about 2,500 years ago, thanks to Plato, Socrates and other ancient Greeks, we in the West switched to inquiry, dialogue, argument and reason when we had knowledge to impart. We still do today. We still tell…

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