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New Experiences Created Through Old Tribal Stories

The Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ), March 19, 2006 Summary: Tim Terry Jr. dragged a white-painted finger from the corner of his eye to his cheek, hair feathers twirling in the breeze, as he told the ancient Pima story of creation. “We don’t have a word for love in our language,” Terry, a 40-year-old Pima, shared…

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Gathering Local Stories From Residential School Survivors

Opinion250 News (Prince George, British Columbia, Canada), March 11, 2006 Summary: Between 1892 and 1969, residential schools operated in Canada through arrangements between the Government of Canada and the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, United and Presbyterian churches. Although the Government was no longer officially involved after 1969, a few schools and hostels continued to operate…

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National Museum Expands Academic Frontiers

National Indigenous Times (Australia), March 8, 2006 Summary: The unknown stories of intermarriage, domesticity and the acts of cooperation – and conflict – that form the global frontier experience will be revealed in a ground-breaking conference at the National Museum of Australia in August. Narrating Frontier Families in Australia and North America on 4-5 August…

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