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United’s newest crew member: Chief storyteller

Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), October 25, 2016 Summary: As part of CEO Oscar Munoz’s revamping of United Airlines, a new position has been created and filled: Chief Storyteller Dana Brooks Reinglass. Jim Olsen, United’s senior vice president of corporate communications, explained: “The idea is using stories to give employees and customers a window seat to how we’re doing…

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Cancer patients who tell their life story find more peace, less depressio

University of Wisconsin–Madison News  January 19, 2018 Summary: In research supported by the National Cancer Institute, researchers measured the effect of a storytelling interview plus online resources on more than 40 people diagnosed with stage 3 or 4 cancer. The interview covered topics including important accomplishments and difficulties overcome, the effects of their cancer on them…

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USA Network Catches ’em Young: Characters Unite Program Tours Los Angeles, Teaches Diversity

Variety (Los Angeles, CA) , February 13, 2012 Summary: USA Network has gone well beyond public service announcements with its Characters Unite initiative, which aims to promote tolerance and acceptance of people from diverse backgrounds. This year’s campaign has incorporated a national storytelling tour featuring notable figures, including some USA stars, sharing stories of their…

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