State Liaison job description

State Liaisons of the National Storytelling Network.

State Liaisons provide a vital link between NSN and its in-state members.


JOB DESCRIPTION: State Liaisons —

are members of NSN and are aware of NSN’s mission, goals, and history.

serve for a term of three years and may serve more than one term.

• must be able to communicate through email and be able to send and receive attached documents.


COMMUNICATION: Intrastate communication is one of a State Liaison’s most important mandates! State Liaisons —

• keep informed about programs, policies, and services of NSN.

• make themselves available for conference calls and other communications from their Regional Director.

•keep their contact information updated with NSN, their Regional Director, and members in their area.

• find/create ways to bring together their state NSN members.

• visit in-state storytelling events as often as possible so members know them personally.

• share information about state events with NSN and the editor of Storytelling Magazine for inclusion in event listings.

• help garner nominations for annual NSN ORACLE Awards, especially Regional Excellence and Regional Service/Leadership.


ETHICS: State Liaisons, as leaders in NSN, are required to read, sign, return to NSN, and abide by the NSN Code of Ethics and the Conflict of Interest policies


DUTIES: State Liaisons –

• quarterly, submit to their RD a brief (one-page) written report outlining the NSN information* they distributed or presented, places and dates of storytelling events or meetings in their state, along with any concerns and suggestions. These reports are sent by the RDs to the NSN Board Secretary for inclusion in the quarterly Board Book, which is read by Board members prior to their quarterly meetings so that they can know about problems and discuss solutions. State Liaisons are encouraged to share their quarterly reports with fellow SLs in their region.

•vote on the Regional Service & Leadership ORACLE award for their region. They may nominate ORACLE award recipients, especially Regional Excellence.

participate in the election process of their Regional Director including nominations and interviews, when a replacement is needed.

• work to find their replacement when their three year term is over.



serve as an advocate for NSN and storytelling by becoming involved in local storytelling groups, state arts councils, and local arts organizations. initiate and maintain contact with storytelling organizations in their area and are encouraged to attend so that membership knows you personally.

promote NSN services and activities including Tellabration!, the NSN annual Summit, and other NSN sponsored activities at storytelling events throughout the state.

encourage state storytelling groups to post their information and events to NSN’s website calendar.

distribute information regarding NSN to local storytelling newsletters, guilds, and arts councils.

network with other arts organizations, keeping current about programs, grants and artistic opportunities. When possible, inform these organizations about NSN’s work and inform state members about networking possibilities with other local groups.

• are encouraged to find or create ways to bring together their state NSN membership.

• make an effort to reconnect with former (lapsed) NSN members.

• help spread the word about NSN award opportunities.

are kept informed by Regional Directors and NSN officers and staff about NSN programs, policies, and opportunities.


NSN SUMMIT (conference) attendance is not mandatory but it is encouraged. State Liaisons —

may be asked to serve as welcoming faces and instant friends for newcomers.

may be called on to help out with the logistics of opening meetings and the membership meeting.

will be recognized and thanked at the annual Membership Meeting.

are encouraged to attend the State Liaison Meeting, that also takes place at the NSN Summit.


Periodically NSN may call on State Liaisons

for help with additional tasks such as surveys,

encouraging attendance at conference, etc.


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