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Barbara Aliprantis: presents “The Escapades of Nastradin Hodja“. The stories I tell I learned from my “Uncle Sava Georgiades”, who came to America from Turkey, in 1911 with nothing but the clothes on his back, his widowed mother, Athena, AND, a headful of Hodja Stories!!!!  (Psst,  many storytellers tell Hodja stories they found in a book or on-line but … the Hodja stories I tell I learned eavesdropping as Uncle Sava regaled my father and uncles with stories he learned as a youngster in Turkey.  He gifted me with his collection of Hodja Books, in English and Greek. The illustrations are priceless!

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Storytelling of all types and styles in a friendly, cooperative venue where seasoned tellers and newcomers alike are received with full attention. There are no content restrictions, other than prohibiting hate speech. Try out a new story, spin an old favorite, or come to listen. No Topics. No Competition. No Judging. Just Stories…

In the spirit of Brother Blue.

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