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Hannah park Lusterman:
Hannah has combined her passion for Sales and Storytelling to become a dynamic stage performer in the making. Hannah is a Charismatic and Enthusiastic, Storyteller, Entertainer, and Stage performer, she believes she was born to touch, inspire and motivate millions, through her passion for Serving and Storytelling. She has the incredible ability to really connect with people, it is a rare quality and will bring her much success.
Hannah has lived an extraordinary life, her stories are raw, authentic, and emotionally compelling. Original tales from her travels, life in the South American Mines close to the Amazon, crossing the Atlantic Ocean at 16 in a contraband boat to live and work as a housekeeper with a wealthy family in Caracas, living in the Jonestown community/cult in Guyana, her diverse Multiracial/Multicultural ethnicity, and many more never told before true life stories. She aims to touch her audience’s heart; each unique story brings an equivalent lesson. Hannah has been fortunate to have the opportunity to experience life in the Black, White, and Multiracial worlds. By age 25 she had already lived in seven countries, Israel, British Guyana, Venezuela, Great Brittain, Spain, Canada, and the United States. She aspires to share her experiences to influence others, to rewrite their story, and start living an Extraordinary life right where you are; the one you were born to live.
Feature’s website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannahlusterman-513b3a122

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