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Nootauau Kaukontuoh, “she hears it from him, the crow”, is a woman of the Eastern Woodlands. She lives her life in the tradition of the Nanhigganêuck, the people known today as the Narragansett. She is a Storyteller of Longhouse Tales told in the oral tradition, including some with Native Sign Language.
She brings to life the oral tradition at museums, schools, community centers, Indigenous gatherings and wherever the stories lead her.
As a ‘kuhkootomwehteâen’ (‘kuk-oot-om-weyt-e-ah-en’ – one who shares knowledge), thirty-five plus years of telling in these different styles, she brings forth the culture of the Longhouse People, through their stories.

Feature’s website: http://www.storyteller.eenantowash.org/
Feature’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HearsCrow.Turtle

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