Introduction to Storytelling for Nonprofits




In today’s economic climate nonprofit organization must work harder to be noticed by funders, potential stakeholders and even prospective clients. Your staff may be feeling the strain of doing more with less.

Having a well-crafted and authentic story will help you persuade granting organizations that you are the right nonprofit in your field for them to fund, help your stakeholders communicate your mission more effectively, and make your outreach to clients that much more powerful. What’s more, when your staff knows your story and believes in it, they will be more passionate about their work in the face of adversity.

This highly participatory, 75-minute introductory workshop will help you identify some of your organization’s key story elements, craft those elements into several narratives appropriate for different audiences, know when to use those stories, and conquer the challenges of telling your story. You’ll leave the workshop with a story to tell, the ability to change it for different audiences, and the skills to develop more stories.

This workshop is FREE and will be held online. Please note, zoom capacity is limited to 100, so please do not come if you haven’t registered, and don’t bring more people that you have tickets for. Thank you.

Your facilitator, Laura Packer, has been helping organizations find, craft, and tell their stories for almost two decades. Find out more at

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