SIO: Once Upon a Time: Connecting Old Stories to Modern Challenges






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Topic: SIO SIG Story Lab
Time: Apr 26, 2023 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Once Upon a Time: Connecting Old Stories to Modern Challenges
Every good story has a moral—a key takeaway that inspires, provokes, or intrigues the audience. Some of the best morals come from everyday occurrences. Find out how Dr. Walker draws inspiration to craft stories that inspire business professionals to care for themselves and each other.

Heather Walker, PhD, is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist who wants to change the way people experience work. With over 10 years in management, training, and organizational development, Dr.Walker understands that we all need help sometimes to find balance and perspective. This is especially true in the face of constant change and rising performance pressures. Dr.Walker founded Lead with Levity to promote healthy workplaces through survey insights, workshops, and a healthy dose of wisdom from guests on the Lead with Levity Podcast. Her goal is to help people have fun and get more done. Dr.Walker has a successful record of advising and consulting with executives on organizational development, talent management, training, competency modeling, and change management initiatives that drive performance improvement and enhance the workplace. She employs an innovative approach, balancing people, planning, and productivity to support departmental and organizational goals. She also leverages her management experience to develop transformative programs, designed to improve workplace dynamics, lower turnover, and increase profitability.


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