SIO: Cultivating the Generative Gaze of the Forgotten and Excluded






SIO Story Lab:  Thursday, March 16, 2023 at 12:00 Noon Eastern Time


Password:  769456

Cultivating the Generative Gaze of the Forgotten and Excluded
Imagine a global community where the rights of all people are respected and protected, and where shanty towns are replaced with environmentally sustainable housing and aesthetically pleasing gardens. Envision a world where no one is hungry and healthcare, education, and right livelihood are clearly in evidence. We are capable of bringing this vision into manifestation by committing to living within just, sustainable systems. I coined the term “generative gaze” as a way of capturing and conveying the resources fashioned by my Ancestors, enslaved Africans, and Native Americans to offer creative insights, practices, and medicine to heal our broken world.

Atim Eneida George, PhD, or Dr. G, as she is affectionately known by her students and colleagues, describes herself as a global citizen, profoundly committed to peace and social justice. Moreover, with 30 years of experience in international affairs to date, Dr. G has visited 50 countries on five continents. Her art and scholarship reflect her vision, values, and commitment to harmonious, sustainable living on Earth. A dedicated lifelong learner, Dr. G attended both traditional academic institutions (brick) as well as hybrid academic programs (click), and she has successfully completed rigorous scholarly programs in both environments. Her dissertation, Generative Leadership and the Life of Aurelia Erskine Brazeal, a Trailblazing African American Female Foreign Service Officer, was published in 2020. Dr. G has long had an interest in the transcendent and contemplative practices. This interest is complemented by her study of narrative inquiry, storytelling, and Arts-based Research (ABR) methodologies.

Atim Eneida George

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