The Art and Craft of Deep Listening–a three-session online class




We live in a world that can be very noisy. It’s rare that most of us feel like we are well listened to, and many of us aren’t able to listen deeply or for long. When we can listen deeply, we build better relationships, learn more about each other, and sometimes find healing, art, and connection we didn’t expect.

This three-session class (admission is for all three sessions on Tuesday evenings) explores how to listen more deeply without interruption to ourselves and to others, and how to help others to become better listeners. We will also explore the ways that deep listening helps us thrive, and tools for when something unexpected happens, when there is conflicted listening, and how to be more comfortable as a listener.

Who is this for? Anyone. Parents. Teachers. Artists. Friends. Human beings.

This class is live on Zoom and will not be recorded for privacy reasons.

Class dates are November 6, 13, and 20. Class time is from 7pmCT-8:30pm. If you cannot attend the second or third class please contact me. The first class is required.

Laura Packer is a storyteller, coach, and communications consultant. She has seen listening change lives, lead to great art, and make a better world.

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