World Storytelling Day: Building Bridges




Patchwork: A Storytelling Guild supports and celebrates World Storytelling Day: Building Bridges on Wednesday, March 20, 2024 @ 7 PM EST. This live event is open to the public and will be broadcast virtually.

The premise of World Storytelling is “If you know my story, you won’t hate me so much”, and the stories, whether traditional or contemporary, folk or personal narrative, are meant to explore our shared humanness.

This virtual showcase makes sharing stories easy peasy.

Storytellers, listed in alphabetical order, include: Walt Belcher; Robert “Alan” Black; Ingrid Bohn; Jim Brule; Anabelle Castaño; Jennifer Frandsen; Saundra Gilliard; Dagmar Iris Holl; Lorelynne “Lori” Jones; Jim Kissane; Tara McGowan; Denise McCormack; Lisbet Pawlowski; Gabriele Preston; Robin Reichert; Nancy Taylor; and, Moira Walker.

Moreover, we are pleased to honor our late, stalwart members and friends — Susannah Brody (d. September 23, 2023) and Barbara Cohen-Kligerman (d. January 9, 2024) —whose stories, preserved from past performances, will also be shared.

According to Denise McCormack, president of Patchwork and host of the show,

“We are very excited to bring stories to audiences around the globe. The tellers and tales are wonderful and include narratives born of personal experience, as well as those inspired by the experiences of others—taken from the rich cannons of folk, fairy, fable, and other literary works. Each one speaks truth, and World Storytelling Day gives us pause to listen.”

This hallmark event promises to capture hearts and imaginations and to give testament to the power of storytelling.

Spread the word! Stories are meant to be shared, and that’s what we mean to do.

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