Sir Gawain and Lady Ragnall

 told by Elaine Muray

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I was introduced to this story via the preamble to it as told by “The Wife of Bath” of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. When I performed at the Australian Storytelling Festival in 2005, I heard a wonderful rendition of “The Wife of Bath” and asked permission of the Adelaide performer, Josie,  to tell it as I had heard it.  I spent many hikes in Australia learning it! Soon thereafter, I went to the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC to see The Royal Shakespeare Company do The Canterbury Tales and that was the first time that I had heard what had followed, that is the story of “Sir Gawain and Lady Ragnall” a beautiful tale with twists and turns and wisdom for all time. I am a highly physical performer and although the audience will only hear the audio portion, what they won’t see are the beautiful masks and physicality that I bring to the performance.  For that, they will just have to invite me to tell in the neck of their woods.

About Elaine

Elaine Muray integrates movement and narration to perform highly theatrical tales from around the world. She has told at the Australian Storytelling Festival and in 2008 was chosen by her peers to perform at the National Storytelling Conference All Regions Concert, representing the Pacific Region. In 2011 Elaine joined the Board of the National Storytelling Network as the Pacific Region Director and Membership Chair.

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