Since their inception in 1995, the ORACLE Awards have been presented by the National Storytelling Network to those who have excelled in their art, or made significant contributions to storytelling art or practice, NSN or its members.

Member Awards

To further our mission of “advancing all forms within the storytelling community through promotion, advocacy, and education,” NSN individual, associate, and affiliate members may apply for funding up to $1,000 to develop new projects.

J.J. Reneaux Award

The J.J. Reneaux Grant is being processed through Artists Standing Strong Together. Please use the link below to access current information:

The J.J. Reneaux Emerging Artist Fund supports two different awards given alternate years, both of which support activities to advance storytelling skills. The Emerging Artist Award provides $1,500 to a storyteller of major or unique performing talent who has not yet received wide public recognition. The Mentorship Award provides $1,250 for a gifted younger teller (18-30 years of age) to work with a seasoned teller as a mentor.

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