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NSN Member Awards Program

To further its mission of “advancing all forms within the storytelling community through promotion, advocacy and education,” the National Storytelling Network supports a Member Awards Program through which NSN individual, associate, and affiliate members may apply for funding up to $1,000 to develop new projects. Support is available for the development of individual work, for collaborative projects, for community-based storytelling programs, or for scholarly research.

In extending direct support to members through this program, the NSN Board of Directors has several goals. Though the awards available are not large, we hope they will both enable storytellers to develop new ideas they might not otherwise have time or funds for and increase public outreach and awareness of the power of storytelling and the National Storytelling Network.

The NSN Members Award program funds are generated by our Fall Auction. We encourage our members to support the Fall Auction by donating items that we can be auction to the public. Watch for more details through our weekly newsletter on how you can participate.

The application period is now closed.

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