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Welcome to the NSN Online Fall Auction – November 13-23, 2019!

This auction raised money to support worthy storytelling projects via the NSN Member Grants Program.  Over 50 items, donated by generous NSN members (see below), ranged from storytelling related items (books, CDs, DVDs, performances and workshops) to weekend getaway lodgings in the Pacific Northwest, Florida and Ireland!

Grateful thanks to all who bid!

How the auction works

When the NSN Online Fall Auction ended on Saturday, November 23 at midnight (Central Time), the high bidders on each item received a confirming email with payment information. Once payment has been made, the item donor will be notified to ship the item (if applicable.)


Click below to see which items our generous donors have donated:

Juba Addison

Sheila Arnold

Better Said Than Done   a community of professional storytellers in Fairfax, VA

Judith Black

Patricia Coffie

Rosie Best-Cutrer

Alden (Joe) Doolittle

Kate Dudding


Linda Schuyler Ford

Jackson Gillman

Pete Griffin

Mary Hamilton

Lori Hansen

Jim Hawkins

Nicolette Nordin Heavey

Megan Hicks

International Storytelling Center

Kansas Storytelling Festival

Dr. Mike Lockett

Randel McGee

Marilyn McPhie

Ellen Munds, Storytelling Arts of Indiana

Jennifer Munro

National Storytelling Network

Cora Newcomb

Erin O’Neil

Ted Parkhurst

Elisa Pearmain

Connie Regan-Blake

Judy Sima

Barbara Schutzgruber

J. Thomas Sparough

Fran Stallings

Tejas Storytelling Association

Liz Weir

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