Storytelling In Organizations (SIO)

Chair: Lisa Williams, Ph.D. 

Storytelling In Organizations (SIO) is a special interest group created by members of the National Storytelling Network who share a common interest, organizational storytelling.  SIO members recognize the positive impact of applying narrative techniques to business practices. By balancing logic and facts with the emotional impact of a story, companies can convey its values, inspire emotion and create personal connections with primary stakeholders, colleagues, customers, and the community. While not all inclusive, SIO members are affiliated with communication, public relation and marketing firms, educational institutions, consulting and coaching, and publishing companies, energy innovation businesses, storytelling and other nonprofit organizations. 

To foster the art of storytelling in organizations.

SIO Goal:
To promote personal and professional growth through global networking, meetings, annual conferences, discussions, presentations, and workshops.

A world in which stories inspire, connect, and transform individuals, organizations, and communities.

Respect and Authenticity: We will welcome everyone’s unique contributions and perspectives, actively listen, question to understand, and communicate candidly.
Teamwork: We will work together and will support each other.
Driven to Mastery: We will continuously increase our knowledge, deepen our understanding, and invest in our personal and professional growth.
Have Fun: We will celebrate, be friendly, and express gratitude.
Integrity and Transparency. We will act with honesty and sincerity. We will share information and ideas freely.
Social Responsibility. We are committed to the well-being of the communities we serve, and contribute to the cause through our individual and or group resources.

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