Connect Through Stories: Connect for Life

Why is it, that when we reach adulthood, we feel that stories are unnecessary in the workplace? In this workshop, we will not only understand the importance of a story in business, but in life. Participants will tell their stories and engage each other throughout the session. We will have breakouts, fully use the chat function and laugh and learn. Are YOU ready to connect by telling YOUR story?

New Jersey native, Charles S. Gates, is an entrepreneur, presentation coach, trainer, emcee and transformational speaker. Charles takes his audience and clients from mundane to magnificent, using his TOP HAT leadership philosophy. His high energy presentations and workshops are fun, in-your-face and memorable. Charles has been featured in the New Journal and Guide, Virginia’s oldest African American owned newspaper, The Suffolk News Herald, WAVY News 10 (Norfolk), WODU’s Let’s Face it Radio Show with Wil Strayhorn and WNSB’s Nonprofit Exchange Radio Show with C. Richard Gillcrese. He has also appeared on The Common Good Show with Juanita, The Barbara H. Smith Show, WHRO’s Another View and the now defunct Cheryl Wilkerson Presents television shows.

Charles serves on the boards of a handful of community-based non-profits and is a past District Director and Region Advisor for Toastmasters International. He lives George Washington Carver’s mantra, “no individual has any right to come into the world and go out of it without leaving behind him distinct and legitimate reasons for having passed through it.” He is married to the lovely Lei Lana, has three children, Tania, Tiffany and Chris and a faithful German Shepard, Gunner. He can be reached via his website but you can call him directly (leave a voicemail) at 757.218.2251.

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