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When you pay via credit card, there is a transaction fee of 2-3% on the transaction (if you pay $100, NSN only receives $97 of it). You can ensure NSN receives 100% of your payment by including the transaction fee in your payment. If you pay via EFT/e-Check, fees are cheaper than credit card fees.


I understand that this is a virtual event that will be recorded. If I choose to turn my video or audio on, I agree that NSN, its employees, contractors, and volunteers, may record, photograph, videotape, or audiotape me during the event and related activities. I understand that I am not required to turn on either my video camera or my microphone. Furthermore, I understand that I may request that the recording be paused while I speak if I do not wish to have my voice recorded. I understand that NSN will abide by this agreement, and hold NSN harmless for any unauthorized recordings by participants.

(Your photo, video, audio, likeness, or image may be used by NSN for promotional or related purposes with no remuneration to you.)

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