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Reimbursement Board of Directors Policy

National Storytelling Membership Assoc. dba National Storytelling Network policy is to reimburse necessary and reasonable travel expenses for Directors to attend Board meetings and other functions associated to their board position. Directors may be reimbursed for all pre-approved travel expenses associated with attending Board meeting or functions according to their Board positions.

Travel expenses must be pre-approved by the Board of Director’s Chairperson or a member of the Board’s Executive Committee, if Chairperson is unavailable, and cannot exceed amounts in the current fiscal year budget and must be reasonable and adequately documented to satisfy auditors and Internal Revenue Service regulations. Only voting Directors will be reimbursed for expenses.

NSN recognizes that Directors may be required to travel or incur other expenses from time to time to conduct NSN business and to further its mission. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that:

(a) Adequate cost controls are in place, and pre-approved;

(b) Travel and other expenditures are appropriate, and

(c) A uniform and consistent approach exists for the timely reimbursement of authorized expenses incurred by Directors.


It is the policy of NSN to reimburse only pre-approved reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred by Directors. When incurring business expenses, NSN expects Directors to:

a) Always seek employer support first.

b) Exercise discretion and good business judgment with respect to those expenses.

c) Seek approval of advance business expenses through a request to the appropriate Board officers.

d) Report expenses, supported by required documentation, as they were actually spent. All requests for reimbursement must be submitted on the NSN Travel Reimbursement form.



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