NSN Online Fall Auction

The NSN Online Fall Auction, which distributes funds to worthy storytelling projects via the NSN Member Grants Program, is back after a brief hiatus! Historically, the auction has generated a lot of buzz and activated competitive juices as friends bid against friends to win coveted items while supporting the National Storytelling Network. Popular festivals and conferences, travel opportunities, and handmade items such as quilts, scarves, jewelry, and woodwork generated frenzied bidding wars.

Many generous NSN members and supporters have donated their goods and services to the auction to make it happen, and now it’s your turn to contribute! Turn your imagination loose as you explore donation possibilities to make our online auction an even bigger success.

Suggestions of the kind of auction items we are seeking ($35.00 starting bid value; new or nearly-new in excellent condition) include: quilts and wall hangings, paintings, hand-crafted jewelry, wearable art, storytelling services of all types (marketing, recording, coaching, photography, etc.), festival and conference registrations, autographed editions of your latest books or CDs (bundled to meet minimum bid), gift baskets, storytelling retreats, musical instruments, puppets and other story enhancers, vacation home or timeshare getaways, and more. If you have an item or service you would like to donate, please email kate@katedudding.com no later than November 4th with the following information:

  • One or more photos (if it’s a service you will provide, perhaps your photo would be appropriate)
  • Description
  • Approximate value
  • Starting price ($35.00 minimum for each item)
  • Shipping price (will you donate the shipping or should this value be added to bid to pay for the shipping?)
  • Travel details (if any)
  • Donor’s name
  • Donor’s email address

Important: Do not mail any items to the NSN office. At the end of the auction, there will be direct mailing from the donor to the auction winner.

Imagine sitting in your favorite spot and bidding on beautiful hand-crafted items and inspiring storytelling experiences, donated from your storytelling friends across the nation and beyond to help support the NSN Member Grants Program. For two weeks in mid-November, you’ll be able to get a jump on your holiday shopping wherever you are as long as you can access the NSN website. Watch for specifics about the auction itself to be posted at https://storynet.org/online-auction/ and in Story Forge, the NSN monthly newsletter. Both to generate donations and particularly when the auction runs in November, please spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social networks. Let your non-storytelling friends, family, and co-workers in on the auction.

We look forward to a fun online event but first, we need your donations to make it happen! Donation Deadline: November 4th.

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