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“Stories let us see through the eyes of others.” Martha Hayward, IHI Director of Public and Patient Engagement From classrooms to boardrooms to operating rooms, storytelling is being used as an effective communications tool around the world. There have been articles about storytelling in many publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Institute for Healthcare Improvement, The Gulf Today (Sharjah, United Arab Emirates), Forbes, TED Conferences (New York, NY), The Harvard Business Review, and The Hindu (Chennai, India).

Experiments conducted as part of the DARPA 2012 Narrative Networks Research Project determined that the human brain is predisposed to think in story terms. Story consultant Kendall Haven, a nationally recognized expert on the structure of story, discussed these experiments during his keynote presentation “Your Brain on Story” at the 2015 NSN Conference. He gave a similar presentation at Stanford University in March, 2015:

Here’s professional storyteller Marilyn McPhie including some of the information from this web site, as she illustrates the power of storytelling across many disciplines including: medicine, education, and industrial safety.


Contained in Storytelling – It’s News! are hundreds of articles published since June 2003 which describe various uses of storytelling.

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