As part of our Member Benefits, NSN offers our members a national, centralized ticketing service in conjunction with Eventbrite.

We want to create a one-stop-shopping hub for tickets to our members’ storytelling events across the country. By ticketing your event through NSN, your event will not only appear on its own individual Eventbrite page, but it will also be displayed with other members’ events from across the country on our NSN Organizer Profile Page.

NSN will publicize our Organizer Profile Page on the website and through our weekly newsletter, so everyone will know where to browse for events nationwide. You can also link to your ticket page from your NSN website calendar entry.

There are several conditions for ticketing your event through NSN (see below). To submit your ticketing service request, please submit the following information:

From this information, NSN will set up an account specifically for your event. You will then receive an email to set up a password for the account, which will allow you to edit your event entry, as you would on any online ticket service.

At that point, you can add event and organizer descriptions, dates and locations, images, payment information, and any other customizing you need to include.

When you change the event designation from the default, ‘private’, to ‘public’, your event will appear on its own Eventbrite page, as well as appearing on the NSN Organizer Profile Page with all of the other NSN members’ events that have been posted.

Posting Conditions

Since posting on Eventbrite through the NSN account is a member benefit, there are a few conditions for posting, which primarily parallel the general conditions for posting on Eventbrite:

  • You must be a current NSN member.
  • The posting must be for a storytelling-related event (does not include crowd-sourcing drives).
  • You must accept Eventbrite’s Terms of Service.
  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You must use the Eventbrite Purchase Processing (EPP), so that online ticketing fees are charged to the ticket buyer.

Like most online ticket sites, Eventbrite charges a ticket processing fee and a credit card processing fee for each ticket sold. Free events are not charged either ticket processing fees or credit card processing fees. Please note:

  • You must have copyright clearance for any third-party content.
  • If selling tickets on other ticket sites, you may not mention other ways of buying tickets on the Eventbrite posting.
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