Member Success Stories

The National Storytelling Network wants to highlight our members’ successes and spotlight the ways in which NSN has fostered that success. So, NSN is asking for your stories of success that came about through your membership in NSN.

  • Did an NSN award help you complete an important project or deepen your skills or enhance the connection to a community?
  • Did NSN provide networking or mentorship opportunities?
  • Did one of our special interest groups offer exactly the resources you needed to take that next important step?
  • Has your connection to NSN made an impact on your career or life?

NSN members and staff support and affect our work and lives in many different ways, and we want to share and acknowledge that relationship.

NSN will be using these success stories on our website and in conjunction with our publicity, fundraising, and other development work.

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Here are just a few of our member success stories:

Accreditation: The Transformational Storytelling school

Transformational Storytelling is an online and in-person school founded by Jim Brulé which focuses on two major areas: providing classes and mentoring in developing the skills to tell truly transformative stories, and the application of those skills to organizations and communities to help heal fractures of class, ethnicity, tradition, and privilege.  “Stories develop the potential to […]

Adam Booth

Adam Booth When the NSN chose to award the JJ Reneaux Mentorship Award for a partnership between Dovie Thomason and me, my initial perspectives were recognition and gratification. I didn’t foresee the opportunity for growth, humility, and richness of purpose that it would provide. During the grant award year and time since then, working with […]

Ed Lewis

Ed Lewis We are the National Storytelling Network, of course, but the reach of NSN extends beyond the borders of the USA.  Associations through the NSN board and members can connect us to many kinds of storytelling adventures.  California Liaison Ed Lewis tells about a storytelling trip to Europe, which he says was “Simply spectacular!” […]

Julie Moss

Julie Moss Two years after joining NSN, I responded to the letter inviting storytellers to visit China on a Storytelling Tour. On that tour I met Judith Heineman and spent the next three years learning the stories I heard bits of in China, writing an anthology of those stories. In 2010, I attended my very […]

Karen Golden

Karen Golden Much of NSN’s best work is done in local communities.  California Liaison Karen Golden shares her experience in resurrecting an iconic storytelling group – thanks to connections she made at the NSN Summit in Fremont. Storytelling is thriving in Los Angeles. My biggest news is that our longest-running story swap, Community Storytellers, which […]

Mark Goldman

Mark Goldman Through NSN, I have gained untold friendships, knowledge and opportunities. I have been able to make connections with many tellers who have become valued friends and colleagues. For me, “Connecting people to and through story” has proved to be more than just a “tagline” of the organization. NSN members, even the non-telling “listener” […]

Mary Hamilton

Mary Hamilton In 2012 my first book, Kentucky Folktales: Revealing Stories, Truths, and Outright Lies was published by University Press of Kentucky. The opportunity to write the book came about because on October 31, 2009 I accepted a lunch invitation from the publisher’s acquisitions editor. The lunch invitation came about because the acquisitions editor had […]

Noa Baum

Noa Baum At my very first NSN conference in 2000, I took a workshop with Elizabeth Ellis and Loren Niemi about the importance of telling difficult stories. That encounter with these two amazing teachers changed my life. I realized I needed to venture away from my comfort zone (folktales for children) and tell more personal […] is an online site that explores diversity and race relations through sharing video stories by professional tellers. To date, it offers over 200 videos and transcripts covering themes of identity, bullying, immigration, interfaith, the civil rights movement and peacemaking just to name a few. A video guide with story synopsis, discussion questions and […]

Submission Guidelines:

  • Download and sign the copyright capture agreement form prior to beginning your success story submission.
  • Submit your success story by filling out the submission form. Include both a 50-word and 150-word version of your success story on the submission form.
  • If you have a photo, image, or video that helps document that success story, we would welcome that. Please include them in the appropriate areas on the submission form.

Thanks for helping us share your successes and illustrate how NSN connects the world through storytelling.

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