Noa Baum

Noa Baum

At my very first NSN conference in 2000, I took a workshop with Elizabeth Ellis and Loren Niemi about the importance of telling difficult stories. That encounter with these two amazing teachers changed my life. I realized I needed to venture away from my comfort zone (folktales for children) and tell more personal stories of growing up in Israel.

But I didn’t have the courage to do it alone so I asked for Loren’s mentorship. With his guidance and infinite patience I created A Land Twice Promised – the story of my friendship with a Palestinian woman I met in the US and the stories of our families. These personal stories echo the parallel and often contradicting national narratives of our people. I have been performing this story for a decade. It has transformed my work as a storyteller, my relationship with my mother and my life.

I am forever grateful for the bottomless generosity and amazing wisdom of the storytellers and mentors at NSN. Our conference is inspiring, nurturing, energizing and did I mention life changing?

Thank you NSN. Proud to be a member of this tribe!

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