YES Mentoring Program Information

The Mentoring Program was designed by the Youth, Educators, & Storytellers Alliance! (YES!) SIG to meet the needs of individuals wanting to learn how to use storytelling in their work with youth and in educational settings. There are three levels to the mentoring program, and you may choose one or all of the levels.

Download Free Resource Materials

Storytelling and the Common Core Standards For Grades K-6 Storytelling and the Common Core Standards for Grades 6-12 Members Journal

Attend the NSN Pre-Conference Workshops, conferences and/or retreats

The YES! SIG offers a one-day Pre-Conference Workshop prior to the annual National Storytelling Conference each July.

Work with an Experienced Educator/Storyteller

The YES! SIG is the conduit to connect those who are looking for help using storytelling in their work with youth and in educational settings with others who are willing to volunteer to mentor those seeking that advice for a limited time. This mentorship program provides a means for that connection.

Communicate with an experienced educator/storyteller for a limited time (no more than 4 hours a month for 2 months). Educators/storytellers who are willing to donate their time are listed on the Mentors List. Please choose one and contact them directly. A mentee can work with more than one mentor at a time. At the completion of the first agreed time frame it will be up to the mentor and mentee as to whether they continue the mentorship. Once a mentee selects a mentor they will notify by email the mentorship coordinator, Yasu Ishida, .

It is up to the mentee to contact whichever mentor they would like to work with and then all further communications are between the mentee and the mentor. The YES! SIG is not held responsible for anything other than providing this contact information. The YES! SIG coordinator of the program will periodically obtain feedback through mentor and mentee feedback forms that will be completed at the end of the mentorship. The information on the feedback forms will be confidential and only shared with Board Members in blind assessments. The program coordinator will communicate with the mentors by email at least 4 times a year.

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