You can find our discussions at Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Alliance group, a Ning social networking group.

Once you have joined you can post questions via the Internet to other members on how to use storytelling in the classroom, how to strengthen young tellers, or whatever are your needs as a storyteller or as an educator. Even before you join the Ning group, you can view all the comments there.


The ETSU Storytelling Program offers numerous opportunities for teachers, ministers, lawyers, businesspeople, parents, grandparents, and plain old well-rounded human beings to augment their professional and personal communication and group-management skills each summer, through the ancient art of storytelling. Teachers in particular are eligible to fulfill their continuing education requirements through these conveniently scheduled, delightfully engaging summer session courses.

All skill and experience levels are welcome. Courses are taught by nationally-renowned storytellers, including Elizabeth Ellis, Judith Black, Linda Goss, and others. Contact the Storytelling Program at 423-439-7601/439-7606, or

Awards Received by Teachers, Coaches, and Youth Across Nation

YES wishes to congratulate former YES Alliance Co-Chairperson Rachel Hedman and the Utah Storytelling Guild, recipients of a 2011-2012 NSN Member Grant.  Here’s the announcement from the NSN August bulletin:

Utah Storytelling Guild (Rachel Hedman) – “Youth Storytelling Chapters: Guiding the Next Generation in the Art”
The Utah Storytelling Guild will jumpstart youth storytelling chapters geared for 8-17-year-olds. Two adult volunteer leaders will hold monthly meetings from September 2011 to May 2012 with at least one concert open to the public. The students will also perform for their schools and act as ambassadors within their neighborhoods.

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