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The East Tennessee State University (ETSU) Storytelling Program offers numerous opportunities for teachers, ministers, lawyers, businesspeople, parents, grandparents, and plain old well-rounded human beings to augment their professional and personal communication and group-management skills each summer, through the ancient art of storytelling. Teachers in particular are eligible to fulfill their continuing education requirements through these conveniently scheduled, delightfully engaging summer session courses.

All skill and experience levels are welcome. Courses are taught by nationally-renowned storytellers, including Elizabeth Ellis, Judith Black, Linda Goss, and others. Contact the Storytelling Program at 423-439-7676 or

Also check out the Storytelling Certificate Program through Woodneath Library’s partnership with Metropolitan Community College:

Ask your local community college, college, or university if they have storytelling classes. There are also many online offerings.

Story Crossroads Partnership

YES has formed a partnership with Story Crossroads. As part of this partnership we exchange workshop and event information. Up to three YES members can attend Story Crossroads events for free on a first come, first served bases.


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