Mark Goldman

Mark Goldman

Through NSN, I have gained untold friendships, knowledge and opportunities.

I have been able to make connections with many tellers who have become valued friends and colleagues. For me, “Connecting people to and through story” has proved to be more than just a “tagline” of the organization. NSN members, even the non-telling “listener” members, are the warmest and most supportive group I have ever encountered.

The members of NSN have a vast compendium of knowledge, which they gladly share. Through workshops, websites, blogs, online discussion groups, webinars and direct, personal contact with NSN members I have grown by leaps and bounds as a storyteller. In today’s electronic and digital world, a single comment or question in an online group can grow exponentially, with far-reaching connections and information that would be impossible to even quantify.

NSN opened up a myriad of opportunities. I have hosted a story swap at the National Conference. I have written a blog for the NSN Website. Becoming the Sales Rep for advertising for the NSN Storytelling Magazine has connected me with even more individual members and related organizations; as well as provided me with the ability to earn some supplemental income.

As a storyteller, it has allowed me to be both seen and heard. The value of that is immeasurable!

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