ETSU Storytelling Program

A special opportunity for all NSN members

Looking for a Master’s Degree in storytelling? NSN has an arrangement with East Tennessee State University (ETSU) to offer NSN members in-state tuition when attending classes in storytelling.

This means if you live in Oregon, for example, you can now attend the summer institutes and regular classes in the storytelling program at ETSU for Tennessee tuition rates – a significant saving!

Visit the ETSU website for information on the Storytelling Program at ETSU.

Apply for admission and sign up for your classes through ETSU.

Complete the Contract Voucher below and submit it to the NSN office. The form may be submitted electronically or printed and mailed to the address listed on the form.

Enjoy the classes!

East Tennessee State University

Contract Voucher Form for Storytelling Courses


  • Complete the ETSU registration form.
  • Verify pricing with Beverly Bennett in the ETSU Bursar’s office. She can be reached at (423) 439-6119 or by email
  • Submit the Contract Voucher Form to NSN within 48 hours of registering with ETSU. Contract Vouchers may be submitted via online form, email, or mail.
  • Email:
    Mail: National Storytelling Network
    Attn: ETSU Registration
    8900 N.E. Flintlock Road
    Kansas City, MO 64157

    Credit card payments can be submitted on this form or by calling the NSN office at 1-800-525-4514 or (816) 883-2040.

    Check and money order payments should be sent to:

    National Storytelling Network
    Attn: ETSU Registration
    8900 N.E. Flintlock Road
    Kansas City, MO 64157

    If you have any questions or don't receive a confirmation, call Danni at (816) 883-2040.

    Contract Vouchers must be completed each term.

    ETSU can charge a $100 late fee for any vouchers not received on time.

Agency Name: National Storytelling Network

Student Information

Preferred Address

Course Information

(example: Summer 2018)

Course Title

Course Number

Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours:

NSN Administrative Fee:


Total Fee Quoted from ETSU:

Total Amount Due:


Payment Information

Please select your preferred payment option:

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