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NSN Youth YouTube Channel Submissions

The National Storytelling Network is launching a Kids YouTube Channel! With an interest in driving support for the Storyteller Relief Fund (now available for designated donations at, and in partnership with the Youth, Educators, & Storytellers Alliance SIG, NSN is collaborating with storytellers from all over the world to provide young learners with access […]

NSN Accreditation for Non-Degree Instruction

Background In this age of online advertising and marketing, new storytellers can be overwhelmed and concerned about where to spend their money to learn about storytelling. To assist newcomers in navigating the myriad of ads, the National Storytelling Network, at the behest of member requests, began to examine a way to accredit individuals and organizations […]

Blackfoot Oral Stories Database brought to life by ii’ taa’poh’to’p grant

UToday, University of Calgary   June 24, 2019 In the Blackfoot tradition, stories are shared as a way to document history and to teach important life lessons. Siksika Elder and Horn Society member Natóóhkitopi Fred Breaker tells us, “Our culture is centred around an oral tradition, and our people learn orally, through storytelling. The stories were […]

Children can go on space adventure in science and storytelling

Lancashire Post   February 25, 2019 A spokesman for the We Share the Same Moon event said: “Join Storyteller Cassandra Wye and Astronomer Megan Argo on an amazing science and storytelling adventure – to the Moon and back. “It celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing through Science and Story. “The event will start with […]

How an Astonishing Holocaust Diary Resurfaced in America

Smithsonian Magazine    November 2018 A Polish young woman, Renia Spiegel started her diary on Jan. 31, 1939 when she was 18 years old: “… Today, my dear diary, is the beginning of our deep friendship.” Left to right: Renia in Przemysl, 1930; Renia in 1936; Renia with her best friend, Nora, in Przemysl in […]

Bookstores & Ordering Sites

Acorn Naturalists The Acorn Naturalists make available environmental and educational literature, including books of interest to storytellers. August House Publishing “…the main publisher of storytelling guides and folk-tale anthologies.” ~Reader’s Digest has books from all over America and Europe in both audio and text form. Children’s Stories and Free Resources […]

Websites for Children

ABC Toon Center The ABC TOON CENTER is a site to see, Hoot, Kat & their friends all live in a tree. They’ve stories to share and games to play, for super-cool fun every night & day! Children’s Literature Web Guide The Children’s Literature Web Guide contains dozens of links to resources for […]

Collections of Stories and Tales

Aesop’s Foibles Aesop’s Foibles is the popular comic strip scene in every issue of Storytelling Magazine. At the site you can see every episode of the comic. Campfire Storyteller Site contains information about the storyteller, his cowboy poetry, his Novel and his calendar. Dennis Trudell Dennis has recently retired from being an assistant […]

Ethnic Storytelling and Folklore

Australian Storytelling The Web page of Australian storytelling features Australian storytellers, stories, guilds, events, and links. Bodhran Brothers Irish Music and Stories California Indian Storytelling Association The home page for The California Indian Storytelling Association includes goals of the organization, upcoming events, membership information, and a newsletter. Folktales and Legends from Britain […]


American Library Association The American Library Association home page contains a wide range of links to other libraries, extensive book lists, and more. Internet Public Library The Internet Public Library home page contains an abundance of resources including links to other libraries and sites, online texts, and areas for children. Media Center Internet […]

Miscellaneous Storytelling Resources

Americana Exchange Rare Books Website about old and rare books. Helpful tool for the book collector or researcher. Contains an extensive, online bibliographical database of Americana. Locate books you never even knew existed. Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf Show and Blog An international conversation from all perspectives on the art of storytelling. […]

Virtual Storytelling Sites

The Very not ordinary Storytime An audio/video site – you will hear 13 stories and see one video. Some are for children and all are for adults. These stories are on a hospital radio network of 300 stations from Ireland to Australia. This site offers such features as Story of the Week and […]

Workshops, Seminars, Classes & Institutes

Communicating Through Story Web page for story consultant and storyteller Highlights Workshops Writing for Children workshops: Writing from the Heart: Telling Your Stories on Paper, Workshop leader Joy Cowley Proprioceptive Writing A non-profit organization providing Proprioceptive Writing therapy, writing coaches, a distance teaching program, PW workshops on authentic voice, a certification program, […]

Storytelling Around the World

Australian Storytelling Australian Storytelling showcases Australian storytellers, stories, guilds, events, and links. Storytelling in Canada German Storytelling Activities Listing of storytelling activities in Germany. English introduction available. Palabros de Cologne In German St. John’s Storytelling Circle A local storytelling circle based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada Stories & Resources […]

Youth Storytelling

Fox Tales International Fox Tales website contains more than 100 lesson plans that use storytelling and poetry to teach history and ecology. Students can post stories. Teachers can print hand outs. There are links to other sites and a growing number of on-line lessons that provide teachers, librarians, students and storytellers with a rich resource […]

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