Miscellaneous Storytelling Resources

Americana Exchange Rare Books
Website about old and rare books. Helpful tool for the book collector or researcher. Contains an extensive, online bibliographical database of Americana. Locate books you never even knew existed.

Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf Show and Blog
An international conversation from all perspectives on the art of storytelling. We serve people who use or admire stories and storytelling including presenters, listeners, festival organizers, administrators, educators, parents, children and even a few storytellers.

Corporate Storyteller
The site includes information on the trademarked Corporate Storytelling system, how it works, and how it has helped my clients.

Brokerage for storytellers and other artists in Southern California

Folklore, Myth and Legend
Part of the Children’s Literature Web Guide, this page of links to folklore, myths, and legends is particularly useful.

American Folklife Center

Group Process Consulting
Group Process Consulting offers short, intense, emotionally anchored experiences in the form of speeches, workshops and group interventions that develop skills.

Hybrid Studios
Community and Free Directory for the creative/performance world. Gallery, Library, Jukebox, News, Forums and more……

Travis Edward Pike takes you between the worlds to discuss his 21st century musical and the ancient mysteries it contains — and must reveal if the human race is to survive.

National Endowment for the Arts
Cultural Funding: Federal Opportunities — assists non-profit arts organizations in identifying potential federal support for cultural programs and local access points for that support

Organizer’s Special Interest Group
The purpose of the Organizers Special Interest group is to encourage cooperation, networking and support among organizers within the NSN and to foster the professional growth of the individual members of this special interest group.

Positive Solutions through Stories and Tours
DISCOVER JONESBOROUGH’S TIMES AND TALES Stroll down brick sidewalks and enjoy a look inside Jonesborough’ s beautiful historic homes and buildings.

A collection of links useful to storytellers.

Spellbinders is a national non-profit organization that aids and encourages the establishment of intergenerational, volunteer storytelling chapters to serve schools and community facilities throughout the nation. It provides volunteer recruitment and workshop training materials to fulfill its mission which is to create connections between generations through the art of oral storytelling in order to pass on the wisdom, values, humor and sense of community embodied in stories of all cultures and all times.

Stagebridge, a California-based arts organization that uses theater and storytelling to bridge the generation gap and to stimulate positive attitudes toward aging. We offer a number of different intergenerational programs including senior theater productions, storytelling in the schools programs, acting classes for seniors, and writing contests for children. Our mission to make theater an opportunity for older adults and use theater and storytelling to bridge the generations.

Storyteller Karen Chace offers a global feast of folktale websites and teaching resources, each with a short synopsis. In addition, there is a smorgasbord of sites focusing on Oral History, Crafts, Arts Education, Puppetry, Grants, and more.

Storytelling Arts, Inc.
Storytelling Arts, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation which offers workshops and institutes for teachers and long-term programming for low-income and special needs children in New Jersey.

“New website which unites Story Tellers (from screenwriters to true stories to authors) with Story Buyers (publishers, producers, etc.) on an electronic marketplace. It would be a terrific tool for storytellers, such as your membership, to get noticed by the entertainment and publishing communities. I invite you to peruse the site, and I will answer any questions you may have.

Tellebration web pages
This site is the internet home of Tellabration! “Come! Be a part of a worldwide storytelling event! as a listener…as a teller…as a producer…TELLABRATION! all over the world each November on the Saturday before Thanksgiving!”

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