Collections of Stories and Tales

Aesop’s Foibles
Aesop’s Foibles is the popular comic strip scene in every issue of Storytelling Magazine. At the site you can see every episode of the comic.

Campfire Storyteller
Site contains information about the storyteller, his cowboy poetry, his Novel and his calendar.

Dennis Trudell
Dennis has recently retired from being an assistant professor of English at the University of Wisconsin. His poems have been published in seven chapbooks and more than a dozen anthologies. He also writes fiction and has a story in a recent O. Henry Prize volume.

“Good Stories From All Over” told by Christopher Leebrick
Offers a Cd/Cassette collection of world folktales told by professional storyteller Christopher Leebrick

iTales is an online storytelling community with downloadable mp3 stories for sale by Storytellers.  Storytellers receive a commission on each story sale.

Stories for Seasons
This site is dedicated to offering seasonal nature stories together with an extensive bibliography for any storyteller, teacher, or general reader who is seeking stories and legends about animals, plants, and the land itself. “Stories for the Seasons” is sponsored by The Nature In Legend and Story Society (NILAS) and H-Net, Humanities and Social Sciences On-Line.

Story Resources
Enjoy the incredible value of a stories as a teaching tool.

Storyteller Karen Chace offers a global feast of folktale websites and teaching resources, each with a short synopsis. In addition, there is a smorgasbord of sites focusing on Oral History, Crafts, Arts Education, Puppetry, Grants, and more.

The Moonlit Road
The Moonlit Road is a storytelling journey down the dark and mysterious back roads of the American South. Each month, this site features odd and spooky folktales from throughout the South (both text and streaming audio versions), told by some of the region’s best storytellers. Each story also features a cultural background area where you can learn about where the story came from.

Ghost Stories and Haunts
There is nothing better than a good ghost story or a story about a famous haunt. Being scared is part of human nature, and while some people enjoy going on rollercoasters to get their thrills and scares, others just like to enjoy a good ghost story or read about a famous haunted location.

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