NSN Youth YouTube Channel Submissions

The National Storytelling Network is launching a Kids YouTube Channel! With an interest in driving support for the Storyteller Relief Fund (now available for designated donations at storynet.org/donate), and in partnership with the Youth, Educators, & Storytellers Alliance SIG, NSN is collaborating with storytellers from all over the world to provide young learners with access to an age-appropriate playlist of stories during their period of social isolation and beyond.

We have three core goals in this initiative:

  1. Connect young hearts, minds, and souls to storytelling at a time when they need it the most
  2. Promote our storytellers and their original work, and fundraise for the emergency relief fund to benefit tellers in need
  3. Offer parents and educators a bit of reprieve during their efforts in coordinating distance learning programming

We hope you’ll consider submitting an original children’s story to add to a collection of age-based playlists on our YouTube channel. You can find the submission form below.

We are sensitive to the delicate nature of asking tellers to provide their work free of compensation. However, we are aspiring to meet a community need as a community, with what limited resources we have. All videos will feature a slide that encourages viewers to visit the webpage of the teller (if provided) or to reach out directly for additional content. It is here that we will also encourage listeners to consider donating to the storyteller’s relief fund so that we can support our members in need. A sample of the credit slide can be viewed by clicking here.


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