North Central Region Spotlight Performance


Event for Ages 10+

Stories from NSN’s North Central Region.

Part of 2020 Connected Virtual Conference & Festival

Event for Ages 10+
Emceed by Megan Wells

My Michael told by Julie McGhee
A family story of my great-grandparents’ coming to America.
Julie McGhee is a teller, a writer, and a collector of tales both old and new for all ages. Tales she tells will come from Ohio, the Midwest, and the world especially the Celtic lands. She has been an active member of Storytellers of Central Ohio for almost 20 years as well as other storytelling groups.

The Amazing Affair of the Steamboat Galusha and the Feathered Pigs told by Darrin Crow
Darrin Crow tells powerful, imaginative, engaging stories that keep audiences on the edge of their seats and stick with them long after the tale ends. Whether in a classroom, museum, festival, art fair, or ancient Greek amphitheater, Darrin crafts stories that deliver exactly what the listeners need.

Happily Ever After told by Jeff Doyle
Jeff started telling stories to kids around the campfire. He takes great joy in finding stories and humor in everyday life and crafts stories that evoke both audience laughter and tears. His ability to draw listeners into his world makes his performances both compelling and memorable.

Starlight told by Richard Rousseau
Richard Rousseau’s stories have been said to linger long after they have been told. Richard was recently inducted into the Mayville, N.D. State University Performing Arts Hall of Fame and is the recipient of the National Storytelling Network’s Oracle Award for Creative Excellence in the North Central Region.

The Feast told by Sadarri Saskill
Sadarri Saskill is a Chicago-born writer, educator, and multilingual storyteller who has presented performances, workshops, and residencies worldwide for audiences of all ages. She is part of a vivacious family of teaching artists that brings a unique blend of language, music, movement, and humor to their high-demand interactive programs! 2019 recipient of Wisconsin’s Lucy Beck Storytelling Award.

Homeward told by Beth Horner
Beth’s work is “heartfelt, articulate and truthful.” She is an NSN Circle of Excellence Oracle Award recipient and 38-year touring storyteller, coach, teacher, and consultant. Her performances include national and international storytelling festivals, Starlight Educational Foundation of Taiwan, Lyrics and Lore: Songwriters & Storytellers at Dollywood, and NASA among others.

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