Only available through institutions, such as libraries or schools…AND NSN!

Gain access to the most comprehensive Folklore and Folklife database which provides access to subject matter that permeates the everyday lives of people around the world. Learn about the rich tradition of holidays, festivals, language, stories, and fairy tales, proverbs, food ways, and folk remedies that define our society and our place within it.

Updated every month, World Folklore and Folklife provides an exciting and accessible way to explore this vast and growing treasury of knowledge through printed and visual materials. Great resource at your fingertips for teachers and workshop presenters!

Subjects include:

  • Celebrations and Rituals
  • Food and Drink
  • Holidays and Festivals
  • Music and Dance
  • Religion and Belief
  • Tales, Myths, and Urban Legends
  • Traditional Arts and Crafts

All content is fully-indexed and cross-searchable, and the user-friendly interface makes searching or browsing quick and effective.

To Log in, go to and enter storyteller as the username and talltales as the password.

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