3 Core Tenets Of Leadership Storytelling

Forbes, May 29,2017


It is important for individuals and organizations to synchronize these three key elements–internally and externally: what they say, what they do, and what is truly in their hearts. Esther Choy says, “I believe ‘heart’ is an expression of the leaders’ deepest motivation–the core that’s driving everything else. It flows from the company’s mission and vision and manifests itself in the company’s culture, its interactions with customers, and the stand it takes (or doesn’t take) on societal issues.”


Esther Choy, President and Chief Story Facilitator, Leadership Story Lab


In other words, it is key to know, tell and live your story. This will enable others to learn what is in your heart or the heart of your company. Two companies are used as illustrations: Starbucks and Patagonia.

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