A Word, A Story, A Resource

by Mary K. Clark

In this moment what word strikes you as powerful? Once you have that word, does it evoke a story?

I thought of the word yes and it did evoke a story. I was having a difficult time keeping a promise. I never had such difficulty making a change in my life and it took me by surprise. I very much wanted to succeed, but to be quite frank, I had no idea how.

Finally, after keeping this problem to myself for a bit of time, I shared it. I was standing in my kitchen at the time and it wasn’t easy to say. I felt ashamed. There was this pause and I looked at my friend and said, “Do you still have faith in me?” He said, “Yes.”

I’ll never forget it and he never lost faith. Eventually I did what I set out to do – it took a few years but his yes resonated with me throughout that time.

This question came up after viewing the following one and half minute video by Andrea Gardner called, The Power of Words. It got me to thinking about stories evoked by a single word. The video is a resource for words, for stories and for thinking differently.  Enjoy!

So, tell me, what word strikes you as powerful in this moment?  And, if you are so inclined, please share the story.

– Mary


©Copyright 6/24/2013 by Mary K. Clark.  All Rights Reserved.

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