Acme Tattoo Parlor

Told by Barbara Schutzgruber

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How many of us no longer have all the parts we were born with? The loss of ‘parts’, whether by accident or intention, is part of the human experience: we hear about it in the old stories…. we see it with our friends and family members…. and sometimes we learn it for ourselves.

‘Acme Tattoo Parlor’ is my own story of resilience after a turn of events changed my life forever. It is part of a longer program called “Parts is Parts” which uses folktales, family stories and personal narrative to explore the questions: Are we the sum of our parts? If so… what if we don’t have them all? How do we see ourselves then?

About Barbara

Barbara Schutzgruber grew up hearing stories at family gatherings and has been a freelance storyteller since 1984. She performs for audiences of all ages across the United States including the National Storytelling Festival Exchange Place, the Regional Concert at 2 National Storytelling Conferences and multiple performances at the Northlands Storytelling Network Conference. Her recordings have won 2 Parents’ Choice Gold Awards, and ALA Notable Award, and 2 Storytelling World Award Honors. Barbara is also an accomplished weaver and textile artist. Her garments have been worn on the national stage and have been part the internationally renown Ann Arbor Art Fairs.

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