Adults get to enjoy stories, too

Sierra Lodestar (San Andreas, CA), August 14, 2015



So truth be told, adults love stories as much as children.

That’s the reasoning behind the program “For Adult Ears Only,” an event that’s in its 13th year. Every year in March, Tuolumne County residents can enjoy adult-themed stories. Now, please don’t read this to mean risqué or racy stories, for that’s not what you’ll hear should you buy a ticket for this event. Rather, these stories are just a bit more sophisticated in content, addressing ideas and material that is often universally experienced or felt by adults.

While the program is designed for a mature audience, the beneficiaries of the concert are still children. One of the sponsors is Delta Kappa Gamma, an organization whose mission is “to educate the world.” The funds generated from ticket revenues go to the Read to Me program, which makes sure that every baby born in a Tuolumne County hospital leaves with a book in the gift bags that are presented to new mothers.

Storytelling is a time-honored craft – inside families and in more formalized venues – for the simple reason that stories breathe life into the information we want to share with one another. Though we might not make the request aloud, we adults yearn to say, “Tell me a story.”


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