Adventure and Romance

Told by Sally Crandall

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It took Nelson and I four years, at the ages of 63 and 67, to get ourselves into the Peace Corps and three months for me to decide that we needed to get out.  When we first got back to Columbus, Ohio, I was eager to make sense of our experience and every month I showed up at The Speak Easy held at the Wild Goose performance space. Speak Easy is a monthly opportunity in Columbus to tell personal stories. I didn’t care what their topic was, I used it to explore our experience in Rwanda. As a result of all those months,  I performed Adventure and Romance and two other Peace Corps stories at the Austin Fringe Festival in 2012.

About Sally

I believe that storytelling is a powerful medium.  I learned that lesson my very first year telling stories as a librarian.  I met with one class every Friday and when the end of the year came, our sessions together were voted by the children to be their overall, including recess,  favorite thing. The students, the teachers and myself made it so, sitting in our weekly circle telling and listening together eye to eye and heart to heart.

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