All Life’s on Stage: Students, Residents Spin True Tales in College Series

Addison County Independent (Addison County, VT) , April 22, 2010


Professor Linus Owens tells a story about his family during a Middlebury Moth storytelling event last Thursday night. Middlebury Moth is inspired by The Moth Radio Hour, a nationally broadcast radio show that features true stories told by real people without scripts.

Participants shared humourous as well as touching moments.

The two students behind The Middlebury Moth said that a mix of storytellers — town residents like Baker alongside students like Goh, Garofano and del mar Rojas — is an important part of the live event.

“We’re fans of The Moth (radio hour and live events),” said sophomore Bianca Giaever, “so that was definitely the inspiration. We thought it would be a great way to build community and get townspeople and professors and students together in a really engaging way.”

“I think it’s great what Bianca and Will are doing,” freshman Chris Delacruz said. “Middlebury is a place of stories, and for them to be exposing that is a beautiful thing.”

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Subjects Covered: diversity, personal storytelling

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