Art and storytelling event gives voice to local homeless community

The Michigan Daily, Ann Arbor, MI    November 11, 2018


The Washtenaw Housing Alliance and Shelter Association of Washtenaw County hosted the second-ever Voices of Homelessness event Friday evening in Ypsilanti, inviting community members to share their experiences with homelessness through art and storytelling.

The speak-out was intended to spread awareness about homelessness and connect displaced people to resources.

12 speakers, who were only identified by their first names, told their own stories about homelessness, explaining their backgrounds and sharing lessons and knowledge drawn from their experiences. Many of the stories included themes of mental illness and self-discovery. Other common sentiments among the speakers were frustration with the systemic issues that contribute to homelessness and a desire to combat the stigma surrounding homelessness. One speaker had many problems finding help since he is a transgender male.


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