“A Star. Powerful AND hilarious!” Tim Tingle, 0w and an award-winning author and storyteller. A lively storyteller of interactive Indigenous Tales of Tricksters and Shape Shifters, Alicia fully embraces the character, body, movement and spirit of the Animal People. She has a talent for suiting her voice and physical movements to define and animate a variety of characters projecting their different feelings and personalities. She is an innovative artisan creating visual imagery paired to the stories like 5-foot cornhusk sculptures for the tale of “Three Sustaining Sisters.” She plays ethnic instruments like the Didjeridu taught to her by the Tjapukai tribe of Kuranda, Australia for “Gurkman the Greedy Frog”. Alicia writes poetry, short stories and is especially fond of retelling a variety of Indigenous stories from her travels or residence to honor the original inhabitants and their land. She composes songs in English, Spanish and Indigenous languages. She is currently studying the Yoeme stories and language. Her recent work entitled “Two Bears, Woi Hooso, Dos Osos” is an adaptation of an original Yoemem legend “Two Bears” collected by Ruth Warner Giddings and published in “Yaqui Myths and Legends.” Alicia’s retelling adds a twist of fate of love, betrayal and redemption performed at the Tejas Storytelling Conference. “I could barely contain my enjoyment of your story of two brothers who were polar opposites. And, I admit I was gratified that the brother who pandered to greed was threatened with a grizzly end.” Tim Couch Vice-President Dallas Storytelling Guild Alicia was born and raised in San Diego California and spent her summers in Huatabampo, Sonora, a Yoreme (Mayo) Ceremonial town. Growing up in a bi-lingual Mexican American household sparked her fascination with cultural diversity and natural history. She has lived, traveled and explored the ecosystems and Native cultural arts in California, Mexico, Hawaii, Panama and Australia. She resides in Marin County, the unceded lands of the Coast Miwoks of Marin where she performs tandem tellings and Miwok cultural classes with tribal council member Sky Road Web. Alicia provided educational tours and was the former education director for the Museum of the American Indian of Novato, California.

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