As a storytelling coach, performer, and a founding board member of the National Storytelling Network, Doug Lipman has received the Lifetime Achievement Award for “sustained and exemplary contributions to storytelling in North America.” His publications include books like "The Storytelling Coach" and "Improving Your Storytelling," as well as innovative instructional products in electronic form, like "The Storytelling Workshop in a Box." http://storytellingworkshopinabox.com Doug has coached many professional and amateur storytellers. and taught professionals in many fields, from oil company executives to NASA engineers and financial advisers. Doug loves to help artists and other self-employed professionals become comfortable (and effective) in marketing their own work. He says, “We tend to view marketing as something pushy and dishonest - which much marketing sadly is. But true marketing consists of discovering who is hungry for what you love to do—and letting them know you’re available to do it.” Get Doug's free storytelling newsletter here: http://storytellingnewsletter.com

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