Tell the story of you. Be real. Get results. I’m Julienne B. Ryan, and I am a Communication Catalyst who engages my audiences in creative ways that promote constructive interactions and conversations. Skilled in the art of using narratives to engage my audiences in active listening and laughter, I’m always focused on my goal of creating deep connections and shared experiences. I empower people to be real with themselves and with others every day by getting them to share, listen and understand their own and others perspectives. By doing so, people improve how they communicate and learn how to collaborate. They become more productive and make better decisions for the organization and themselves. Whether I am presenting a keynote, conducting a training session, or facilitating an event, I am on a mission to show my clients how they can develop productive teams and professional relationships, one authentic and informed conversation at a time. My style is edu-entertainment because my presentations are designed to deliver compelling messages and educational content with insightful humor and a smile. I deliver humor with a purpose. My services cover a wide range of communication, interpersonal skills and relationship building topics including leadership, trust, active listening, engagement, knowledge transfer, and diversity and inclusion. My book, “Learned-It-In Queens Communication Playbook – Winning Against Digital Distraction”, is out on Amazon! It’s a humorous book about how we deal with our digital communications and what will help. Here is the link :https://www.amazon.com/Learned-Queens-Communications-Playbook-Distraction/dp/B08KQBYNN2

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